The Kiss of Death

Mambas are extremely venomous, shy, diurnal and highly strung members of the Elapidae family (The family that includes venomous Cobras and Kraits). They are slender bodied, super agile and are a real treat to the eye.

The Lips that deliver the Kiss of Death

The infamous Black Mamba is the second longest venomous snake after the King Cobra, reaching about 2.5m on an average. It’s also considered as the world’s fastest snake and can outrun or more like out-slither most people, attaining speeds of 19 – 21 km/hr.

The Black Mamba, indigenous to Southern and Eastern Africa is easily recognised by it’s distinct coffin shaped head and a sly smile.

Black Mambas are shy and tend to keep away from humans, but when cornered they can pack a serious punch. When threatened, the snake will raise it’s head, flatten it’s ribs and hiss like crazy. Like saying “You better don’t toy around with me.”

The body of a Black Mamba tends to be a dark olive greenish or sand brown colour. It gets its name from the jet black shade inside its mouth which is a distinct feature of this species.

If the threats persist even after the warnings, the snake strikes repeatedly in the blink of an eye, injecting large amounts of neurotoxic and cardiotoxic venom that can potentially kill you in 20 minutes after you take the bite!

The Black Mamba’s reputation as the deadliest snake in the world is not just a hype, these snakes are so feared that their bite is known as “the kiss of death”,which it actually is. It’s bite has a 100% fatality rate and without the antivenom, it’s beauty sleep forever.

Now you might be thinking this is it and it can’t get any worse… Like what could actually be worse? Follow the blog and wait up for the next post...

8 thoughts on “The Kiss of Death

  1. Venomous snakes are everywhere though… And each one can be lethal in their own way. The Mamba is dangerous but so are Rattlesnakes, Pit vipers, Cobras and Taipans.


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