The Common misnomer: Venomous v/s Poisonous

If you think a Cobra or a Rattlesnake is poisonous then you really are Barking up the wrong tree!

What is poisonous then?

The term poisonous applies to stuff that release toxins into your body when you eat them. It’s not only animals, but there are many poisonous plant species too.

Castor Bean This relatively common plant brews one of the world’s most poisonous substance RICIN – The Assassin’s Creed! It is said that eating 3 seeds of this plant is a direct ticket to heaven…

Venomous snakes or Poisonous snakes?

What I mean to say is that, venom can only take effect if it is injected into your body. Venomous animals “envenomate” their victims (that is by either biting or stinging) and kill them.

So, can you drink snake venom?

Yes, it’s completely safe for you to drink snake venom, provided you didn’t have any cuts or wounds in your mouth through which the venom might enter your bloodstream. Infact, snake venom is used in medicine and pharmaceuticals as it contains painkillers and drugs (some stronger than morphine, but without the side effects!).

It’s actually quite simple… As I said earlier, if any animal bites you and you die then it’s venomous… But, if you bite it and you still die, then it’s poisonous…

So, the term ‘poisonous snake’ is a very common misnomer… Now that you know the difference, do you think snakes could actually be poisonous? Tell me what you think in the comments!

And also, I have a separate post dedicated to Mambas… Be sure to check it out…

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